About Us
TJ Matthews

Manufacturer of Scottish Tailored Garments

For over 50 years TJ Matthews based in Blantyre, South Lanarkshire has been at the heart of fine tailored highland wear. They remain the ‘go to’ skilled, made to measure and ready to wear manufacturer of Scottish tailored garments (kilt jackets, waistcoats, trews and more specialist items).

TJ Matthews Powered by Lambton

In 2018 Lambton, based in Leeds, started a program of investing in and merging with this trusted & long-established Scottish garment manufacturer, in partnership with the existing and talented owners, Carol Mathieson and Ian McClure. The compatibility and alignment in ethos and objectives were immediately obvious to Edward Lambert and Matthew Norton, founding managers of Lambton. A program of investment in new tailoring machinery (sewing technology and pressing lines etc) along with skills and the introduction of CAD pattern technology has been underway ever since, with a notable interruption to progress in the covid years. In the recent past this association has become closer with the aim of boosting the presence of TJ Matthews in the Scottish market, expanding the garment offering beyond highland wear and servicing both the UK and export markets, exploiting both Scottish and off-shore production facilities.

A dedicated made to measure and ready to wear tailoring business, whose origins date back to Yorkshire in 1976 when a group of enlightened artisan tailors were the first to harness the power of technology to augment fast disappearing skills and improve reliability and service. Lambton pride themselves on style, flexibility, service and value offering the tailoring and retail trade an out-source, white (own) label solution to simple and complex tailored garments and shirts for men and women. With over 40 skilled employees based in Bramley, Leeds (garment technologists, CAD specialists, graders, spec writers, IT specialists, dedicated customer services team, production & logistics managers) Lambton cover all the skills required to feed their UK and international production facilities and deliver market leading, high quality specialist garments for their retail customers.

What We Offer

Just some of the reasons why tailors keep coming back to us

  • Digital MTM Ordering Platform
  • Automated Order Status
  • Style Guides and Training
  • Fully Factored Single Invoice ordering
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities for RTW