For over 50 years, proudly making highland wear in Scotland


In India we have one of the world’s best capitalised and most technologically advanced production units, daily supplying thousands of ready-made garments to the world’s leading upmarket retail brands.

We provide consistent and reliable garments, working to tight tolerances and QC’d at several checkpoints on the sewing and pressing lines; we employ a QC team of 5 at the factory responsible for monitoring and controlling the quality of all Lambton products on our own dedicated MTM line.
Weekly, three-way quality reporting procedures are in place between QC teams in the factory and the Head of Quality Management in Leeds to ensure quality levels are maintained for all shipments worldwide.

We truly believe in the key sustainable message of quality custom clothing – one of a kind clothes that wear in and not out; made with minimum wastage. ​

The factory is certified as Green Building by LEED, USA with Gold rating Design and construction practices that meet specified standards to significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and its occupants. ​

The features of the unit include :

  • On site renewable energy system (solar PV) with generation capacity of about 32,529 kWh per annum
  • Energy efficient building with high performance glass.​
  • Use of eco-friendly building materials.
  • High efficiency, low noise , eco - friendly HVAC systems.
  • Use of ultra-low flow water fixtures.​
  • Eco friendly roof finishes to reduce heat ingress
  • Landscaping with native and adaptive species​
  • Rainwater harvesting system​